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How Did We Get Here?


The Internet can be better than this...

For those who may not remember, or who weren't there for the nascent days of widespread adoption of the Web in the mid 1990s, the Internet hasn't always been clogged with...crap. The trajectory was subtle. In the beginning, there was almost nothing online that wasn't interesting, thought-provoking, or put there by some erudite individual who exhibited passion and knowledge.

That didn't last long...

More prurient content quickly exploded on the Web. And that was probably to be expected, but what followed quickly thereafter was a proliferation of spam, content farms, and "made for Adsense" content that transformed much of the Web into a wasteland of detritus.

Then, the advent of social media added yet another channel, whereby some truly great content has been and continues to be shared but, alas, even more jetsam is added to the virtual landfill of the Web each day.

The battle continues between those with real ideas and information and others who value form over function, complete with air brushed photos, scantily-clad "influencers," and other content that promises to make us all just a little bit dumber.

So we said...no mas!

Look, we're not going to change the Internet. The horse is out of the barn, as they say. But what we are going to do is contribute only meaningful, thought-provoking, interesting, or useful content to the Web. We'll make it a little bit better, one article at a time.

We're long-form article writers, and we use social media, video, podcasts, and other communications channels to get the word out in the format that content consumers like best. If you want to read the content we produce, well...you're already here, so you can go for it! If you want to contribute good content, we'd like to hear from you.

If you're particularly passionate about a topic or have expertise in an area, we want  to read about it! Maybe you love skydiving, geek out over cryptocurrencies, or are an expert in refinishing hardwood floors, or just love researching and writing about new topics. We welcome you to share your knowledge with us and the world. We'll give you the platform to reach thousands of readers. We will also reward you for your work!